Iceland Has Launched Chicken Smiley Faces And We Feel So Nostalgic

Nothing could ever beat that feeling after school when your parents said that it was smiley faces and chicken nuggets for tea, a reigniting the fire in our hearts (and our tummies) is Iceland – with their brand new, nostalgia-inducing product that’s sure to sell out before we know it (partially because of the bloody stockpilers among us).

Credit: Iceland

Re-inventing the classic potato smiley face to gracefully save 2020, the frozen supermarket chain has released the chicken smiley – and they sound absolutely delicious. Made with 100% chicken breast, the new product comes in the exact same shape as the OG potato smiley, but, as you’d expect is filled with chicken instead. It’s essentially a good old chicken nugget, but with a happier shape to put a smile back on our faces after a disastrous year.

They’re an absolute bargain as well, priced at just £2 for a 356g bag. I don’t know about you, but I’d probably smash the whole bag in one sitting.

Credit: Iceland

Richard Walker, managing director at Iceland Foods, said: “Our 50th year is a great excuse to celebrate with some of our dishes from over the years, we’ve worked our way through the archives and selected the very best that our customers will love.

“Throughout the rest of the year we’ll be celebrating in different ways and we’re looking forward to bringing the party into our stores and customers’ freezers the way we know best – with great food.”

The Chicken Smileys are available both in store and online now, however, if you want to get your hands on a bag you’d better act fast, since they’re limited edition.

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