This Stunning Trail Of Yorkshire Waterfalls Makes For The Perfect Adventure

This Stunning Trail Of Yorkshire Waterfalls Makes For The Perfect Adventure

Stretching our legs is what we live for in the summer. And while we have a pretty shitty reputation for grey skies and frequent drizzles, there’s really nothing quite like British summertime. Hot summer days, the Yorkshire countryside and an ice-cold pint is all we ask for – which is why this breathtaking waterfall walk is right at the top of our list this summer.

We’re talking all out fairytale-style waterfalls that are usually reserved for the storybooks, except right here in Yorkshire for our own viewing pleasure. It’s one of the perks of living in God’s Own Country, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the honour.

Credit: Pixabay

Located at the edge of the Yorkshire Dales near our sworn enemies in Lancashire, the Ingleton Waterfall Trail is loved by many – and for good reason, too, since it’s as magical as it sounds.

Offering majestic sights of five main waterfalls and eight water spots in total, the trail follows the River Twiss and the River Doe from the Ingleton starting point, where, along the way, you’ll also be treated to spectacular sights of one of Yorkshire’s Three Peaks, Ingleborough.

Pecca Falls on the Ingleton Waterfall Trail | Credit: Pixabay

The four-mile route, which takes between two and four hours to complete, starts off pretty strong – and budding photographers will be keen to get some stunning shots of Thornton Force, which is part of the first half of the trail.

Plunging 14-metres, the delicate waterfall is surrounded by rocky terrain, which makes for the perfect place to find a spot and settle down for a quick picnic and refresh.

Thornton Force/James Dolan/ BY 3.0

And while the route kicks off with the most famous of the bunch – as well as the fast-flowing Pecca Falls – it continues on strong for the second half, with other delights such as the hidden gem that is Snow Falls and the enchanting Baxenghyll Gorge – which can be admired from up high with incredible sights of the River Doe for those who dare to look down.

Pecca Falls, Ingleton
cc-by-sa/2.0 – © David Dixon –

A rewarding route for any avid rambler to enjoy, the trail is best enjoyed with a pre-prepared picnic and refreshments to enjoy along the way (to ensure you can maximise the views!), with a recommended stop-off at one of the pubs that sit by the merging of both the River Twill and the River Doe – which marks the end of the trail before heading back to the car park.

You can always trust a Yorkshireman to find a pub!

[Featured image: Pixabay]

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