It’s Only 82 Days Until The Pubs Reopen And There’s Even A Website Counting Down

Last night the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, set out the road map to “freedom”, and we all sat and listened out for the key question ‘When will the pubs open?’ He confirmed a long-term plan over the next few months, which would see the gradual lifting of restrictions. And the return of the boozer!

Credit: Unsplash

Two key dates to mark in your calendar are the 12th of April when beer gardens will open and the “rule of six” will apply, and the 17th of May, when you will be allowed to meet in pubs indoors. We couldn’t be more excited to have a beer with our friends in the pub. The good old English tradition of getting pissed and talking shite with your mates will soon be the norm once more.

To celebrate this momentous occasion a website has been made with a countdown to the 17th of May the date when we can finally return to the pub. Visit to keep an eye on how long it will be until pubs return. As of now there are 82 days, 7 hours, 32 minutes and 32 seconds untill we will be sat down wiht a good ol’ pint – we know what our first beer will be. What will you be having?


If everything goes to plan all legal limits of social contact will be removed by the 21st of June. This means that weddings, live events, night clubs and more will finally be permitted. We can’t wait to start celebrating 2021 properly after a year of having to be careful.

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