You Can Now Order Three Litres Of Pink Gin Right To Your Door

Our days are currently spent waiting for June, with the hopes of the lockdown being lifted. By then coronavirus will hopefully be a distant memory for us all. Pinkster have a great product that will ease the pain whilst we wait for it all to blow over.

Have a festival in your garden with their three litre box of gin. Yes, a whole three litres! Their box of gin, equates to four 75cl bottles or 100 G&Ts (depending on your measurements). With the weather on the up, this is the perfect time to dust off those gin glasses, make a little picnic and sit in the garden with a glass of the good stuff.

Credit: Pinkster

The gin is a rasberry flavoured spirit and we have wlecomed it with open arms and empty glasses in waiting. This refreshing addition to these next few months will defintely mean less trips to the supermarket for a top up that’s for sure.

Taking to their Instagram, the independent company have explained how they have even slashed their prices.

Credit: Pinkster

“We’ve slashed the price of our giant gin box to £100 at That’s 25% cheaper than usual and a full £50 less than buying the equivalent four and a bit bottles. Free delivery too,” they wrote.

“Holding a whopping three litres and serving 100+ G&Ts, we’re thinking gin on tap might help keep spirits up in these difficult times. Stay safe, stay strong.”

Click here to order yours today.