Two Yorkshire Towns Have Been Named Prettiest In The UK, According To The Telegraph

Two Yorkshire Towns Have Been Named Prettiest In The UK, According To The Telegraph

Ripon (which is actually a city) and Ilkley, celebrated for their picturesque landscapes, captivating architecture, and an array of independent shops, earned commendations from the Telegraph, securing spots on a curated list that showcases their unique allure.

The Telegraph’s compilation spotlighted Ripon’s Thursday market alongside a diverse range of shops, from art galleries to butchers, and three museums. Described as a ‘pleasant jumble’ of Georgian and Victorian structures with Tudor-era facades, Ripon’s medieval cathedral beckons with ‘wide-open welcoming doors’ and an Anglo-Saxon era crypt.

The tiny city has a population of just 16,589 and is praised for its rich heritage, boutique shops, an abundance of local activities, and nearby landmarks.

Meanwhile, the Telegraph praised Ilkley, a Victorian town in West Yorkshire, situated beside the river Wharfe and nestled beneath famous moorlands. Ilkley’s appeal lies in its expansive views and the absence of imposing high-rise structures.

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Ilkley was named as the most priciest spot to live spot to live in the Yorkshire ‘Golden Corridor’, which are the most desired places to live in the UK. 

The streets, characterized as ‘wide and leafy,’ contribute to the town’s charm, with the Grove standing out as a handsome focal point boasting delightful shops. Ilkley Lido, a Grade II listed 1930s facility, further adds to the town’s allure, featuring lawned areas for sunbathing, a slide, fountain pool, and a lagoon-shaped pool for swimmers.

The rankings for these towns were meticulously determined, considering factors such as shop fronts, historic buildings, traffic and litter levels, viewpoints, and green spaces. Lewes in East Sussex claimed the highest ranking with an impressive 46 points out of 50.

Interestingly, the ‘ugly list’ spared every Yorkshire town or city, while less favourable mentions included Telford, Slough, Newton Abbot, and Stanley, a former mining community in County Durham. The compilation of charming towns extended beyond Yorkshire, featuring St Andrews in Scotland and St David’s in Wales.

Each town, with its distinct characteristics, contributed to a rich tapestry of picturesque locales celebrated by the Telegraph.

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