ITV Is Set To Launch A ‘Middle-Aged’ Love Island For Mum And Dads Looking For Love

ITV Is Set To Launch A ‘Middle-Aged’ Love Island For Mum And Dads Looking For Love

Ever since ITV’s Love Island began people have been saying “what about the ‘normal bodies?” and “This would be so much better with some dad bods”. Well, the top bods have listened and they’re launching a pin-off featuring middle-aged singletons.

According to The Mirror, a show for contestants in their 40s and 50 is coming where their children match them up whilst on the retreat. Not sure if my dad would want me setting him up, but I’m sure I’d enjoy it.

The name of the show is currently Your Mum, My Dad, and it is set to air next year – and we cannot wait for it. Who’s gonna help them open their messages to shout “Got a text!”?

Credit: Love Island

A source told The Sun: “Times change and the current generation in their 40s and 50s still care about how they look, are fit and healthy, into fashion and are ready to let their hair down.

“This show will give those who settled down young a second chance at love while they still feel in their prime.”

They said that the maturer contestants will all “know their minds” and are likely to be “more adventurous”. We’d like to hope there would be less bed hoping and changes of heart, but they’re still human after all.

Credit: Love Island

Woman’s Aid is currently in chats with Love Island after an intense backlash following the Mad Movies episode.

They said: “At Women’s Aid we are being tagged into a stream of Twitter posts, with viewers of Love Island highlighting the misogyny and controlling behaviour being shown on screen.

“This is clearly more than talking about any individual contestants, and a programme based around the formation of romantic relationships must have guidelines on what behaviour is acceptable and unacceptable in those relationships.

“We are talking to ITV, and they have shared with us information on their inclusion training, but what appears to be missing is specific information on abusive relationships and an understanding of controlling behaviour in relationships.”

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