Louis Theroux’s New Documentary Is Released This Week

Louis Theroux’s New Documentary Is Released This Week
Louis Theroux is back to feed your documentary obsession.

January isn’t good for many reasons, but one of the few highlights is parking your ass in front of the tele for extended periods of time, bingeing anything and everything on your streaming platform of choice. And now, Louis Theroux is back to feed our documentary addiction with his latest BBC film – which is released this week.

Conveniently clashing with the new Winter Love Island (Louis > Love Island), the brand new documentary will tackle the subject of prostitution in the 21st century and will see the presenter come face-to-face with working girls who’ll discuss how they entered the world of sex work.

‘Louis Theroux: Selling Sex’ will see Theroux investigate the changes in the sex industry thanks to the current technology climate (social media etc), and will explore whether sex work is a healthy way to make money today.

Airing 9pm Sunday (Jan 12th) on BBC Two, the release for the film reads:

“The exchange of sex for money is legal in Britain, so long as it doesn’t involve coercion, exploitation, or any kind of public nuisance.

“Now, fuelled by websites and social media, a new economy has emerged – bringing a world of transactional sex to people who might have never previously considered it.”

‘Louis Theroux: Selling Sex’ airs this Sunday, January 12th and 9pm on BBC Two and will be available on iPlayer.