Alison Hammond Visited ‘The World’s First Bottomless Crisp’ Bar In Yorkshire

Alison Hammond Visited ‘The World’s First Bottomless Crisp’ Bar In Yorkshire

A bar in Yorkshire has caused a whirl as its event, the ‘world’s only all-you-can-eat crisp buffet’, has made the news all around the UK.

It’s introduced by Phillip Schofield who says: “For £12.95 crips connoisseurs can enjoy 90 minutes of unlimited Space Invaders, Discos, Nik Naks, Monster Munch, and other retro favourites.

We agree with Alison Hammond, who visited Kicks in Hull City Centre that you can’t beat a buffet. Whether it be Indian, Chinese or in the case of this Yorkshire bar crisps!

Credit: ITV

Alison describes the event by saying: “Imagine every kind of crisp that you love… retro crisps, now crisps. You name it, they’ve got the crisps here.”

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Whilst speaking to Alison on ITV’s This Morning Lucas the owner of Kicks described how the idea came about. Whilst buying a meal deal he simply sticks his crisps in his sandwich, as we all do. And “BOOM” the idea was born.

The all-you-can-eat event has become a reoccurring event taking place each month at Kicks Bar and Grill in Hull where you can make crisp butties to your heart’s content!

Credit: Kicks

If you’re one of the 99% that does like the salty, potatoey snack, you’ll probably be pretty buzzing to hear that thanks to one Yorkshire bar, you can now enjoy them on a bottomless basis in a pub environment – which, I can imagine if you’re a crisp enthusiast, is quite the dream come true.

Credit: Kicks

Along with the crisp buffet full of nostalgic flavours, you can enjoy fantastic cocktails and a DJ taking the party into the late hours of the night.

Find out more about monthly events by visiting the website here.

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