Malham Cove Sees Tourists From As Far As Kent Breaking Lockdown Rules

Malham Cove Sees Tourists From As Far As Kent Breaking Lockdown Rules

As the weather continues to peak at temperatures of 20 degrees, the number of Brits continuing to flout the lockdown rules does too. And in our fifth week already, it seems people still aren’t quite getting it.

Risking their own lives (and more importantly, other peoples), large numbers of day trippers flocked to beautiful Malham last weekend to enjoy the views in the sunshine, with the North Yorkshire Police forced to increase patrols in the area. And now, it’s been revealed that the police force issued 61 fines in just one weekend to day-trippers from Kent, Barnsley, Bradford, Dewsbury and Accrington – who were caught flouting the rules and visiting beauty spots such as the Dales and Malham.

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Taking to their social media, the police force said: “Frustratingly today Malham was busy with day-trippers.

“We have increased patrols in the area, and will continue to:
the public to do the right thing.

“Where needed, we will resort to enforcement to protect the public.”

An officer from North Yorkshire Police force also shared her experience on Facebook, saying in a post: “Politely engaging with folk to go back to where they came from (Kent, Barnsley, Bradford, Dewsbury, Accrington) their sense of entitlement kicked in, and I endured more abuse than I ever have dealing with drunken idiots outside nightclubs,” before continuing that she was spat at on the ground in front of her and verbally abused upon approaching people having their own BBQs and taking up other leisurely activities not classed as exercise.

Locals and social media users shared their rage in the comments, with some sharing photos of people having BBQs in the area and soaking up the sun. Others, however, criticised the force’s approach, saying they should be going straight to enforcement for those who do not follow the rules.

Other hotspots such as Scarborough, Thornton-Le-Moor and the Yorkshire Dales have also been reported to be busy this weekend. Government regulations state that non-essential travel is forbidden under lockdown rules, however, people may drive a short distance to exercise – leading to many bending these rules, with little repercussions.

The news comes as the UK’s death toll reached over 20,000 fatalities yesterday, with a total of 148,377 being diagnosed.

[Featured image: Unsplash]

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