Wetherspoons Are Selling 99p Pints To Get Rid Of Stock Before Lockdown

Wetherspoons Are Selling 99p Pints To Get Rid Of Stock Before Lockdown

If you want a last pint, you won’t get much cheaper. Wetherspoons has started a four-day sale of real ale in a bid to get rid of as much as possible before Thursday’s lockdown. The huge price cuts will see pints being sold for just 99p as the beer will go off long before Wetherspoons will be able to open their chains on December 2nd.

Credit: Wetherspoons

Thursday’s lockdown will be similar to the one we saw back in March and has been put in place in a bid to gain control on the rise in cases of COVID-19. The lockdown saw the nation come together and do their best to help stop the spread of the virus, which is the case this November.

CAMRA’s National Chairman has said discussing the second lockdown has said, “The second lockdown is a devastating blow for an industry that is already on its knees.

“Pubs across the country have already invested thousands to reopen COVID-safe environments despite facing seriously reduced incomes.”

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They also said, “we also need a clear route map out of lockdown which is based on evidence, otherwise we will see many pubs and breweries close their doors forever.”

Summer saw a lot of pubs and bars create new innovative ways to earn money in an awful situation such as takeaway pints. This month is going to be a trying one for most industries, but after the last lockdown the hospitality industry is struggling and need support, or some of our favourite pubs and bars may be gone for good.

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