This Yorkshire Chrismas Ad Has Viewers In Tears Saying It’s ‘Better Than John Lewis’

This Yorkshire Chrismas Ad Has Viewers In Tears Saying It’s ‘Better Than John Lewis’

This time of year all the big brands are putting out their big Christmas ads with the big ones this year being John Lewis and Asda’s ads featuring Buddy the Elf from everyone’s favourite Christmas video. But, this year, it’s a Yorkshire Christmas advert that has left viewers tearing up.

Created by Sam Teale’s production company the true Christmas advert was released yesterday and has racked up over one million views on Facebook. It was filmed in Norristhopre in Kirklees and tells the story of a struggling grieving dad, who lost his wife and is facing the rise in food and energy costs.

Sam Teale production’s Christmas advert has had over 200k shares, 115k likes and 17k comments on the video as of 2nd December. It seems to have hit a note with the public at the time of year when community spirit is heightened.

Yorkshire Christmas Video
Credit: Same Teale Production Company

Sam Teale, 20, said the Yorkshire Christmas video was inspired by a story he was told by his friend who was working as a dentist last year. The father-son struggle has obviously resonated with social media users some saying it’s better than official ads from big supermarket brands.

Forget John lewis’ Christmas ad, the father and sons struggle created by Sam Teale productions seems to have resonated with a lot of viewers who believe it is better than the official Christmas adverts from John Lewis, Tesco, and other supermarkets.

Speaking to Yorkshire Live about the video Sam said: “I can’t believe it, people have been sharing the video and we’re getting thousands of likes a minute. I can’t believe how well it’s been received. We knew during production that it was a special idea but I didn’t think that so many people would resonate with it but people have.

“We do a Christmas advert every year inspired by events of the year, we had a meeting we thought about doing it about the Queen but we started thinking about the cost of living and how it’s going to get worse coming up to Christmas.

“We wanted to focus on real stories of real people. We had four actors and everything including the environment is all real. We wanted to tell a real story and I think it’s gone down brilliantly from an emotional point of view.”

Watch the full Yorkshire Christmas video below:

This year’s John Lewis advert a soulful cover of Blink 182’s ‘All The Small Things’ played whilst a middle-aged man learnt to skateboard. We follow his journey with no explanation thinking it may be about overcoming adversity or learning a new skill. The man seems to be getting better in the run-up to Christmas.

It turns out that the man is learning the skills for the arrival for the upcoming arrival of a new foster child who is also fond of skateboarding.

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Feature Image Credit: Same Teale Production Company

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