Massive Erosion Along The Yorkshire Coastline Hits Plans For The World’s Longest Coastal Path

Massive Erosion Along The Yorkshire Coastline Hits Plans For The World’s Longest Coastal Path

A National Trail coastline walk that was set to be the longest coastal path in the world at 2,795 was meant to be finished two years ago, but due to the pandemic and a European court case in 2018, they’re still working on it.

The England coastal path will run through the Yorkshire Coast and could bring a boost to the economy. Starting at the Scottish border and leading all the way round to the Welsh border. It will be a walker’s dream, with incredible views, heritage buildings and famous landscapes along the way – including the Robin Hood’s Bay Coast to Coast walk.

Credit: Photo © Paul Glazzard (cc-by-sa/2.0

The Northern part of the coastal path was completed in 2016, but the extension from Filey to Easington is yet to be finished.

The council in North Yorkshire are aiming to have its section from Filey to Speeton finished by the end of the month, with East Riding Council from Speeton to Bridlington is set to be completed by June.

A spokesperson from East Riding Council said: “The Humber Bridge to Easington stretch has only recently been confirmed as an approved line.

“It is possible that the whole route will be open in 2023 or 2024, but further delays and complications in an ever changing coastal landscape may make this difficult to achieve.”

A massive six metres of the cliff has been lost this winter according to South East Holderness councillor Dave Tucker who said: “There were footpaths south of the gas terminal (at Easington) – they have gone.

“We have had storm after storm. It has been hammered.

“Given that we live on the fastest eroding coastline in Europe I would be surprised if it did go ahead. It’s a coastal footpath and by next year it will be gone – that’s the problem you have got.”

You can check out the erosion along the East Yorkshire coastline here.

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