You Can Now Get MasterChef-Worthy Yorkshire Pudding Pies In Yorkshire

You Can Now Get MasterChef-Worthy Yorkshire Pudding Pies In Yorkshire

Until this year, we didn’t know that Yorkshire Pudding Pies were even a thing, but after discovering these amazing beige beauties, we couldn’t be more excited about the genius creation. Created by The Yorkshire Pudding Company, a family-run business run by a couple Lynne and Ted in beautiful Malton, the pies come in a variety of delicious fillings that will have you salivating.

And now, the couple has teamed up with MasterChef Professionals runner-up Dan Graham to bring us the ultimate taste sensation. Dan has been brought in to collaborate on some new fillings for these Yorkshire pudding pies, with the company saying on their Instagram earlier this week:

“We are excited to announce our collaboration with award-winning chef @dangraham21, MasterChef professionals runner up 🤩

“Dan is assisting us with product development and innovation. Today we have worked on our Mediterranean veg and created our new chicken and chorizo filling!” Can’t get anymore gourmet than that, eh?

The Mediterranean Yorkshire pudding pie is currently on their website here – and it contains peppers, onions, courgettes, tomatoes, feta, nut-free pesto and garlic. A lovely light, summery combination – so if you’re feeling like prolonging the summer a little, they’re just £20 for six. They have a range of other gorgeous fillings, many of which are perfectly fitting for the current, colder days.

The other pie they have been working on, the chicken and chorizo number, doesn’t seem to be online yet, but we will be keeping out eyes peeled for this.

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