A 17-Hour Snow Warning Across Yorkshire Comes Into Force Today, According To Met Office

A 17-Hour Snow Warning Across Yorkshire Comes Into Force Today, According To Met Office

We’ve not quite shaken the cold weather off just yet with more snow expected to hit Yorkshire again this week. This first snowfall is expected to hit Yorkshire around 3am Tuesday 14th March.

The Met Office has warned of a combination of rain, sleet and snow overnight which could make journeys treacherous due to icy surfaces.

The first yellow severe weather warning for snow and ice will run from 5am to 11am Tuesday covering parts of the North with regions such as Scarborough and Whitby along the coast expected to be hit with the heaviest snowfall with max three-centimetres of snow expected.

North Yorkshire, Leeds and Bradford regions are also meant to expect 2cm of snow as well. Snow is also expected across the rest of the county in South Yorkshire with more expected later in the day.

East Yorkshire is expected to see lots of rain instead. Later in the day, the Yorkshire Dales will expect two and three centimetres

Wednesday will see brief snow showers with the snow set to end on Thursday 16th March when it will move further south out of Yorkshire.

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Credit: Met Office

One of Met Office Deputy Chief Forecaster, Daniel Rudman said: “There is an increasingly strong signal for colder air to once again feed into the north of the UK during Monday. This flow is likely to extend southwards with much of the UK likely to be under the influence of colder conditions overnight into Tuesday.

“Tuesday is set to remain a cold day, but it is not expected to be as cold as conditions have been this week, and there will be brighter periods for most. There are likely to be some showers too, although any snow fall is expected be over higher elevations.”

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