Hundreds Queue At Five Guys In Sheffield For Click & Collect Orders

Hundreds Queue At Five Guys In Sheffield For Click & Collect Orders
Who is that desperate for a burger...

It wouldn’t be England without people complaining and this time, people are complaining about having to queue. Queueing is a British institution, but, so is moaning – so it’s a bit of a rock and a hard place situation…

This time, the complaint is about the queuing times at the newly re-opened Five Guys in Sheffield. Customers have been queueing up to two hours to receive their orders at the Centertainment complex in Sheffield, as it freshly launched its ‘click and collect’ service. Why these people have decided to go and queue for two hours in a pandemic is another question completely.

Customers have turned to Twitter to vent about having to queue, with one person writing “Five Guys opened up today and it turned to chaos. Staff abandoning their posts as people started serving themselves.”

Another customer named Hannah Victoria said: “What the hell is going on at your Sheffield store? We’ve now been stood outside two hours waiting for an order that was booked for 6.20pm”.

Other places across the UK have also experienced huge queues when re-opening, with the likes of Costa and KFC have to issue warnings to customers. With huge uncertainty in the UK around the next steps to take after lockdown, this is a huge indication that serious measures need to be put into place to ensure that the spread of the virus doesn’t start to rise again.

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