McDonald’s Has Launched A Wedding Catering Package For Just £185

McDonald’s Has Launched A Wedding Catering Package For Just £185

Planning a wedding can be an expensive endeavour. And with the cost of living crisis, some people might be thinking of putting it off. If you’re wanting to go ahead but to it on a budget, or just bloody love chicken nuggets, McDonald’s wedding package could be for you.

The popular fast food spot has created an incredibly cheap wedding package for just £185, catering for you and your guests for less then 200 quid.

But, what does it include? The McDonald’s wedding package includes 100 chicken burgers, 100 boxes of chicken nuggets, 100 cheese burgers, along with 100 chicken fingers.

Credit: Pixabay

McDonald’s said: “Make wedding moments unforgettable.” Currently, the wedding package is only available in Jakarta, Indonesia, but if it is successful it could be rolled out across the globe.

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Rizki Haryadi, from McDonald’s Indonesia, said: “There are other service options as well, where we can also provide food stalls at an additional cost.

“The wedding package is not for holding a wedding at a McD store , but only for food, such as catering with prices starting from £185 with a minimum purchase of 200 products.”

At first it might seem like a crazy thing to do, but who doesn’t love a maccies? And, weddings are known for getting boozy.

After a few beers, I’d quite happily munch on a burger and fried. I wonder if you can add on extras like chuck in some McFlurry’s for dessert or a couple of fillet o fish for starters.

But, we aren’t sure wether it’ll make its way over to the UK, there’s always hope though!

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Feature Image Credit: Pixabay/ McDonald’s

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