You Can Buy Pork Pie Wedding ‘Cakes’ At This Yorkshire Butchers

You Can Buy Pork Pie Wedding ‘Cakes’ At This Yorkshire Butchers

It’s only normal that for the most special day of your life, you’d want the most extra special accompaniments to make the day perfect. Everything you love wrapped up in a neat, white tulle bow (your new spouse, too), proudly for the whole world to see. And if you ask us, Stanforths Skipton‘s unique wedding creation certainly fits the bill.

Now, naturally, if I’d have asked my other half if I could have one of these at our wedding, I’d probably get quite the earful, but for the pork pie-loving couple, it’s the perfect alternative to the traditional wedding cake. After all, who wants tradition anyway these days?

Credit: Stanforths Skipton

Consisting of as many tiers as you’d like, each wedding pork pie is created bespoke for the couple, with any specific details taken into account when producing the hearty ‘cakes’.

The ‘cakes’ can then be decorated with items to match your theme, making for a real stand out piece at any ceremony.

Stanforths pies have long been celebrated as some of the region’s best, often attracting queues around the block just for a little pork pie – so if you were to have anyone’s pies at your wedding, it’d be these guys.

Found in the centre of Skipton just a stone’s throw away from the canal that runs through the town, the butchers has sat proudly there for decades now, serving the exact same pork pie recipe (which is packed full of locally-sourced meat) all this time. Can’t get any more special than that.

It’s unclear how much a bespoke wedding ‘cake’ made of pork pie would cost, however, given their biggest pork pie rings in at less than a tenner a pop, we’re betting it’d be far cheaper than your typical wedding cake. Find out more here.

[Featured image: Stanforths Skipton]

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