McDonald’s Is Launching Katsu Curry Chicken Nuggets – And They Sound Amazing

These sound like a bit of us! Over the last few years, Katsu Curry has become ever popular thanks to places like Wagamama making the Japanese cuisine one of the UK’s favourite dishes. McDonald’s has taken note as they are releasing their own take on the curry with their new Katsu Curry-flavoured chicken nuggets.

Credit: McDonald’s

“When can we get them?” We hear you cry. They will be available in restaurants across the UK from the 30th December for a limited time only. The Asian-inspired nuggs will be available for 6 weeks, so make sure you set a reminder, or you will miss out.

Credit: Geograph

They’re made up of 100% chicken breast meat in a Katsu Curry breadcrumb coating. They’re are accompanied by a classic Sweet Curry Dip for a lovely bit of dipping. You can get yours at six for £3.59, nine for £4.09 or 20 nuggs for £5.99, which won’t take long to pick. Think we could smash a box of those to ourselves no problem! 

If you’d like to celebrate these new nuggs with a little glass of bubbles this Christmas, you can get an entire Costellore Prosecco Magnum, which is a massive 1.5 litres of fizz – a whole two bottles of the standard 750 ml. You can get one of these mammoth bottles for just £9.99 a whole £4 cheaper than its retail price. 

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