7 Stunning Yorkshire Destinations That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re Abroad

7 Stunning Yorkshire Destinations That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re Abroad

Craving that feeling of discovering somewhere new? Whether it’s a city break you’re after or that relaxing feeling of Mediterranean bliss – you needn’t catch a flight this summer. Why? Because Yorkshire truly has it all. If you’re feeling desperate for a holiday right now (because aren’t we all?), here’s out guide to the most beautiful Yorkshire places that’ll make your feel like you’re abroad. (You might just need to squint a little…)

1. Knaresborough

Yorkshire’s very own Venice, as we like to say, a summer’s day in Knaresborough is like wondering around a little town on the Med, thanks to its glistening river, pale stone viaduct and sprinkling of idyllic rowing boats in the waters.

Visitors can rent out a boat to enjoy the stillness of the town, with a historic castle just up the road to explore, too. It’s a truly blissful place, and nothing feels more continental than sitting with a cuppa in hand by the river in the mornings. Forget the North of Italy, we’re happy with Yorkshire this summer.

2. Flamborough Head

Flamborough Head in the summer is a truly beautiful place to visit. Its waters glow an azure tone when the sun is shining, helping it feel like you could be anywhere in the world. Greece? Could be. A hidden bay in Turkey? Sure, why not.

Sunbathe in the wind-blocked bay, before taking a stroll along the top to take in the vast views, or paddle in the water and pretend the freezing cold North Sea is the Pacific, instead. It’s all in the imagination, if you ask us.

3. North Bay, Scarborough

Pottering around the North Bay in Scarborough can actually feel like a holiday sometimes -particularly around the marina on an evening. After a day at the beach, have a quiet walk around the peaceful bay, before igniting that familiar feeling of looking for somewhere new and unexplored to eat on your jollies. And whatever you do, make sure it’s seafood.

With the boats all lined up glittering underneath the marina lights, it can truly feel like a Mediterranean paradise (if you let it!).

4. Yorkshire Heart

The relaxed vibes of Italy on your wanderlust wishlist? A visit to Yorkshire Heart might just do the trick. A beautiful vineyard in the heart of North Yorkshire, the wonderful winery offers tours to guests throughout the year, where visitors can take in the views of the impressive vineyard, all the while tasting some fine, Yorkshire-made wines for themselves.

Visit on a hot day, and you’re sure to feel like you’re in the South of France or Puglia.

5. Peasholm Park

Peasholm Park can be found near North Bay, Scarborough, offering Oriental vibes throughout its pretty gardens.

Offering a vast slice of serenity to explore, visitors can follow a number of tree trails, experience the wonders of the Chinese-inspired temples throughout, or paddle boat through the parks own lake where you can see the sights from the water. It’s a place of complete zen, without having to fly out to Japan or Hong Kong.

6. Runswick Bay

One of Yorkshire’s highly underrated beach destinations, driving over to Runswick Bay beach on a hot summer’s day is truly something. Just look at that view, for starters.

Glistening blue under the occasional hot British sun, the stunning beach looks like it belongs somewhere in the Canaries – thanks to its golden sands, azure waters and gorgeous greenery. Sunbathing here during a heatwave really could be anywhere.

7. York

Is it Lisbon, or York? It really could be either (if you squint a little). And if you’re craving that city break, there’s no better place than York.

Completely packed with both culture and history, the amount of things to see and do in the capital of Yorkshire can pack out an entire weekend’s schedule, with tons of sightseeing, beautiful Michelin star-worthy restaurants, historic buildings and shops to uncover while you’re there. There’s a reason tourist love it so much, after all.

[Featured image: Paul – stock.adobe.com]

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