Mum Recreates Her Daughter’s Holiday In The Garden Following Cancellation

Mum Recreates Her Daughter’s Holiday In The Garden Following Cancellation
Bet someone still stole the sun lounger...

Holidays, who needs em? Me, that’s who! With 7 weeks in lockdown to go and a hopeful easing of restrictions due in June. Everyone’s eyes are set on a few weeks in the sun. And Yeah, I know, I know, expecting to be able to go on holiday anytime soon is wishful thinking, but we can dream, can’t we!

Some people have done more than a dream as we have seen on Twitter from Jordanne whose Mum gave her more than she’d bargained for when she was supposed to be going on holiday. Her dear old Mum brought the holiday to her home with some great little touches that make not going abroad that little bit easier to take for Jordanne.

Jordanne McGowan, posted pictures of her staycation in the garden organised by her Mum saying, “Supposed to be going on holiday today and my mums decorated the back garden like this bless her wee heart.”

There were sun lounges with ice-cold beers ready and with towels (needed to save the seats). She had also put up a state-of-the-art paddling pool to catch some rays next to. No holiday is complete without cheap drinks and good ol’ Mum even managed to sort out a cheeky Happy Hour for the staycation of a lifetime.

We love to see people making the most of a bad situation and this warmed our hearts to see that people are still having fun in spite of lockdown.

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