Aldi Releasing Its £40 Barbecue Pizza Ovens Just In Time For Summer

Ever fancied making restaurant quality pizzas in your own back garden? Aldi’s pizza oven claims to help you do just that. With this year looking like it is going to be a staycation for all Yorkshire folk, now’s the time to start thinking of all different ways to make it better than ever.

Aldi always know what we need for summer before we do and, it seems Aldi is keeping its customers focused on the summer with their next offer this spectacular and simple to use pizza oven.

Credit: Aldi

This pizza oven from Aldi is less than £40 and can cook a 12-inch pizza in just 10 minutes. Available from Sunday 9 May and on the shelves in store from Sunday 16 May. what a fun way to keep the kids entertained with pizza-making family time. It looks like a great way to have some messy fun in the yard this summer.

Credit: Aldi

The oven measures 15x40x35cm and comes already assembled. You just sit it on top of your barbecue and your good to go. It is made of stainless steel, carbon steel and ceramics coming with a three-year warranty.

As well as cooking pizzas on this things Aldi says you can make cookies, flatbreads and sear meats and fish. With this combined functionality, it seems a steal at just £39.99. It is something a little different for the summer that will be a little different, bring the restaurant to you this summer.

Author: The Yorkshireman

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