‘Neverspoons’ App Encourages You To Drink At Independent Pubs Instead Of Wetherspoons

‘Neverspoons’ App Encourages You To Drink At Independent Pubs Instead Of Wetherspoons

Spoons is a decent boozer for knowing what you’re getting. A cheap ale and some cheap scran to go with it. But, the joy of finding a boozer that’s a little secret and independently owned with some choice ales you’ve not heard of before is an adventure in itself.

A new app gives punters an alternative night out by providing new and exciting venues that are independently owned – and everyone likes a change now and again don’t they. So if you’re someone who likes to try something new, this one’s for you.

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The brilliant app highlights various pubs in the area through green pins, with Wetherspoons marked in red (not hard to see what they are getting at there). And while the list is currently not exhaustive, they update it weekly – so it can only get better over time.

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You can also pop in a local Wetherspoons and it’ll bring up a list of bars nearby to it that are independently owned and in the vicinity – so you can help support a smaller business during your next bender.


On the one hand, you could see this app as a total boycott of the Spoons chain… But on the other, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the place you are in, and help smaller, more reliant businesses in the meantime.

The founder of Neverspoons Shane Jones said, “Far too many traditional pubs closed down after the previous recession and it was pretty sad to see. Post lockdown could see us heading back that way.

“There are too many of these former pubs in amazing buildings, now derelict, that used to be the central hub for a lot of communities.

“If you can put some money in the till of a smaller independent pub through the use of this app, then it’s done the job I intended it to.”

Currently holding 2,500 pubs on the app, users can add their own through a website form. These are then uploaded on a weekly basis. Find out more about the app here.

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