Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen Experiences ‘Nose To Tail Traffic’ At The Weekend

Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen Experiences ‘Nose To Tail Traffic’ At The Weekend

Since the Yorkshire Shepherdess announced the new series of Channel 5’s number one show we’ve been buzzing with excitement for it. Amanda, Clive and their children will be back this autumn for series 5 of ‘Our Yorkshire Farm – and it can’t come quick enough.

Contributor Amanda Owen with her dog on Ravenseat Farm

Whilst we’ve been waiting, we can’t help but follow Amanda’s Instagram with a keen eye! This weekend it seems it’s been busy in the Yorkshire Dales as there were huge traffic jams – not quite like the ones at Chipping Norton at Jeremy Clarkson’s farm shop.

No, these ones were of the animal variety – and were hilarious. Amanda posted a video herding the sheep through a thin passage, and she the Yorkshire Shepherdess hilariously captioned it: “Nose to tail traffic in Yorkshire.”

It seems that it sheering time of year for Ravenseat Farm, and Amanda had all the puns ready with her caption work with another video she posted writing “It’s that time of year again. Time for ewe to peel off”. The hard graft has begun. Amanda’s Instagram offers a great insight into the world of farming and is just as hilarious and insightful as the Yorkshire farm at times.

In the first video, the sheep are running towards the camera and their heads bobbing up and down is mesmerising. We can see how counting sheep soon sends you to sleep. There is something so relaxing about the whole thing. As the sheep return fully sheared, it seems that the poor chicken had to make an unexpected ‘ewe’ turn.

Ravenseat Farm is a 2.000-acre farm in the Upper Swaledale region of North Yorkshire. Speaking to YorkshireLive, the Yorkshire Shepherdess gave us the date, when we can all expect to see their new season. “There is a new series coming. It will be in the autumn. I don’t know exactly when as I am the last person to know!

If you’d like to follow Amanda Owen’s Instagram, follow the link here and check it out!

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