People Are Driving Hours To Visit This BP Garage In Sheffield Because Of TikTok

People Are Driving Hours To Visit This BP Garage In Sheffield Because Of TikTok

A BP garage in Sheffield, of all places, is one of the latest things to go viral after people discovered it has the greatest selection of food options ever. Almost anything can go viral on TikTok these days, and now this humble BP garage has had its fifteen minutes of fame.

Credit: Google Maps

Ciara Cox posted her visit to the popular garage, and it garnered over 83k likes and 7k shares, which is pretty great for a petrol station. Some of the reasons the garage is so popular are it has a Subway, Costa Coffee and a Spar with Tango Ice Blast machines as well as a huge selection of American chocolate.

TikTok users can’t get enough of the range of sweets to choose from! You can even get your own pic n’ mix in-store as well – crazy!

Some people don’t know how lucky they are with one user posting: “I live at the student halls just across from this spar and never have bought any of that stuff. maybe I don’t appreciate spar enough.”

Credit: BP Spar

Whereas others are jealous of the Sheffield garage, with one person writing: “bro this isn’t fair I want one of these near us.

We will definitely be taking a visit down to this sweetie wonderland – thank you TikTok. Much like other people from Sheffield we never knew this place existed either! But, we do love a hidden gem!

If you’d like to find the petrol station/ goodie store it can be found on Bramall Lane near Sheffield city centre.

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