PG Tips Has launched A New Limited-Edition ‘English Breakwoof’ Your Dog Can Enjoy

PG Tips Has launched A New Limited-Edition ‘English Breakwoof’ Your Dog Can Enjoy

As Yorkshire folk, we love a good ol’ brew, and whilst we are supping away our poor old pooches are sat gasping for cuppa. Not anymore! Popular tea brand PG Tips has collaborated with Woof & Brew, an award-winning dog drinks brand with their limited edition infused tea.

Credit: PG Tips

No matter the time of day, there is always an excuse for a brew! Whether it’s in the preparation or the drinking there is something relaxing about the experience. PG Tips has realised that our pooches have been left out of this experience and have made it there aim to fix this issue.

There new tea that is just for doggos is named English Breakwoof tea and is in honour of International Dog Day on 26th of August, and you can pre-order it now for only £9.99.

Credit: PG Tips

If you’re thinking ‘why would I buy that muck’, well 100% of profits will be donated to Support Dogs charity, which trains dogs to help people with autism, epilepsy and physical disability. Great cause, eh!

Obviously, the tea is safe for doggos and contains no caffeine or preservatives. It is instead a blend of burdock, dandelion, flax, nettle, seaweed, and rooibos.

Credit: Unsplash

Although safe for human consumption, PG Tips wouldn’t recommend it, which is why they’ve given a box of standard tea bags along with it for owners.

When making your pooches brew, you don’t add milk and please serve col, not hot! For best results leave to chill overnight for the pups morning puppa tea.

You best act fast as there is only a limited number of these being sold!

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