People Are Putting Up Their Christmas Trees To Cheer Themselves Up

People Are Putting Up Their Christmas Trees To Cheer Themselves Up

It’s been a s*** show of a year. No one can deny that. There has been little to celebrate and even littler to get excited about. It seems that something else goes wrong every other week. And with potential local lockdowns happening all around, finding something to be excited about is something we think should be put to the forefront of everyone’s mind.

That is why when we first saw that people around the world are already putting their Christmas trees up, we weren’t surprised. Should we just start Christmas early? Get the tree up and just feel merry and excited for the rest of the year? The Yorkshireman in me screams “no, it’s bloomin’ October, don’t be daft”, but another part of me thinks the fun and spirit of Christmas is something that is needed at the moment. Get inspired with some of Twitter’s October Christmas tree lovers.

We are getting that Christmas feeling, and want to get decorating. I’ve managed to convince the other half to wait until after Halloween, but we do like the addition to the twinkling lights add to the home.

We have created a list of all Christmas events in and around Yorkshire, so people don’t miss out on opportunities. Give it a look if you want to find out what is going on near you. It seems that some pubs and restaurants have been getting creative for the run up to the festive season with yurts, domes and tents erected and filled with log burners and fairy lights to lift customers Christmas spirit.

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