8 Of The Most Beautiful Lakes And Reservoirs To Visit In Yorkshire

8 Of The Most Beautiful Lakes And Reservoirs To Visit In Yorkshire

Finding yourself more inclined to explore the local beauty lately? Yorkshire is jam-packed with incredible beauty spots and places of historical value – one of the many reasons it’s been honoured with the title God’s Own Country. From the picturesque Dales to the icon Peak District, we’ve rounded up some of the prettiest reservoirs and lakes in Yorkshire.

Threshfield Quarry

Ok, so we’re kicking off this list with a spot that technically isn’t a lake or a reservoir, but it’s so pretty, it’s deserving either way. Found at Threshfield near Skipton, the spot is a disused limestone quarry that was neglected back in 2000, now transformed into a natural hotspot for Yorkshire Dales visitors. The quarry employed locals for over 100 years, and now, people can enjoy its newfound beauty and take part in the heritage trail, which features stunning views of our beloved Yorkshire.

Rainbow Lake

Rainbow Lake can be found in Burstwick, East Yorkshire and is a disused gravel pit, that was dug way back in the 1800s. Now a popular site for fishermen, the lake is well-stocked with trout, making it the perfect spot for those well-verses in fishing. For those who don’t fish, that’s fine too, with the lake providing bustling trees all round which are perfect for a little nature walk by the peaceful water.

Wessenden Head Reservoir

Situated in the Kirklees nearby to Marsden, Wessenden Head reservoir is one of four truly beautiful nature spots. Surrounded by Blakeley, Wessenden and Butterley reservoir, Wessenden Head is a real Peak District highlight when completing the walk from Marsden. Upon approach, the reservoir looks incredibly peaceful, and it’s perfect for budding photographers to explore. You’ll get to see all four during the walk, so you son’t be short of pretty sights during your visit.

Cod Beck Reservoir

A man-made lake within the North York Moors, Cod Beck Reservoir is a lovely little place for those looking for a casual stroll, boasting a 1.5 mile circular walk around it. The reservoir is fairly new compared to many others in the region, completing work in the 50s. The reservoir is now solely for the purpose of enjoyment, with a dedicated picnic area, nature walks and a private canoeing service onsite.

Malham Tarn

A glacial lake in Malham, Malham Tarn is the highest of its kind in the whole of the UK, and is one of only eight upland alkaline lakes in the entirety of Europe. Pretty cool, huh? Scientists believe humans have been aware of the lake since the late Stone Age, and have also found evidence it was previously twice the size it is today. Now, tourists can take part in its 4.5 mile circular walk, and even swim in the Tarn.

Thruscross Reservoir

Thruscross Reservoir can be found near to Harrogate, with a beautiful 4.5 mile walk around the edge. When constructing the reservoir back in the sixties, the body of water completely flooded the village of West End, which now can be seen deteriorating when water levels at the reservoir are severely low. The spot is managed by Yorkshire Water, and is maintained for walkers, anglers and the local wildlife, with activities such as whitewater kayaking put on for those who’d really like to make the most of their visit.

Fleakingley Reservoir

One to explore as part of the Reedbed Ramble walk, Fleakingley Reservoir is situated in Leeds, and can be enjoyed as part of a 3-mile walk, suitable for all abilities. Explore Bowers Lake, St Aidan’s Nature Reserve and the reservoir itself, with incredible local wildlife surrounding.

Agden Reservoir

A few miles out from Sheffield city centre, you’ll find Agden Reservoir. Well maintained by Yorkshire Water, the spot features a 4.3 mile walk around its perimeter, offering lovely views of the local countryside and stepping through woodland trails throughout. For the pro ramblers, the reservoir is one of four in the area, with Damflask, Dale Dike and Strines which also feature circular walks to try out.

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