Sleep Next To Lions In New Safari Lodges Just Two Hours From Yorkshire

Sleep Next To Lions In New Safari Lodges Just Two Hours From Yorkshire

Fancy sleeping next to the king of the jungle? Well, now you can. West Midlands Safari Park’s new lodges leaves just a pane of glass between you and four full-grown lions.

You’ll be able to get up close and personal like never before with the ability to watch them from the comfort of your own bed. What an experience!

The new West Midlands Safari Park lodges follow the creation of the aptly named new habitat Lion Ridge, which features a range of areas for lions to roam.

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This is a unique experience like no other. Imagine having your morning brew whilst the lions named Havoc, Hodge, Harabi and Hercules are just pottering around.

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The four lodges feature a huge window designed for you to be able to get as much lion action as possible. But, they aren’t your average lodge. These are state of the art with little luxuries such as fires, TV’s living space for up to six people.

Something like this doesn’t come cheap and the lodges prices start at £790 per night for a couple with an additional £175 extra for each adult per night.

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Chris Kelly, managing director at West Midland Safari Park said: “I’m delighted that our new lion development is ready to open to the public.”

“The heart of this project has always been the focus to upgrade our animal housing and facilities to provide stimulating and enriching environments for the animals.

“We really are proud of what we’ve achieved to date in giving the wildlife here the best in welfare facilities. We hope this means they will continue to flourish and thrive in our care, and we can make a positive impact with future research and conservation both nationally and internationally.”

You can get yourself booked in to the new West Midlands Safari Park lodges via the website here.

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