Hull Man Ronnie Pickering Has Found New Fame On TikTok With Millions Of Views

Hull Man Ronnie Pickering Has Found New Fame On TikTok With Millions Of Views

The Hull legend Ronnie Pickering went viral due to his road rage spot with another road user and then found fame once more on the social media platform TikTok.

The Bransholme grandad has been known all over now due to the video, which has been seen millions of times all over after going viral on popular Facebook pages UNILAD and LADbible.

Ronnie Pickering

The incident was uploaded to YouTube back in 2015 and has followed the Hull man Pickering ever since. In the video, Pickering has heated words with another road user who caught the exchange on his GoPro, uploading it to YouTube to create an overnight sensation.

Who is Ronnie Pickering?

The grandfather-of-five. dubbed “road rage Ronnie”, Ronnie Pickering became famous overnight after he was caught on a GoPro camera shouting at a man on a moped in Bransholme when he shouted the famous line: “Do you know who I am?” and then “I’m Ronnie Pickering.”

The phrase “I’m Ronnie Pickering” has now followed the 61-year-old throughout his life.

Hull Live reports that Pickering said: “I can’t believe it was five years ago to be honest,” he said. “I had no idea it was being filmed and the first I knew was when a friend texted me and told me it was on YouTube.

“It then got picked up by the likes of UNILAD and it then became one of the country’s best known YouTube videos. I think that along with the original YouTube upload and all the other follow-ups and memes, the video has probably had 100m views. It is a bit crazy to think how many people have seen it.

“It seems to have inspired a lot more road rage videos since. There seems to have been a lot more since then.”

The new social media TikTok was launched back in 2017 globally. The new social media is popular with the younger generations giving Ronnie Pickering a new audience. Millions have viewed videos of Pickering on TikTok with a flurry of memes and compilation videos being created on the platform.

HullLive, reported that Ronnie said: “I don’t think TikTok was around when it all happened,”

“But now the younger generation are seeing the video and making new funny videos.


The Wealdstone raider’s message to Ronnie Pickering 😂 #british #britishhumour #ukcomedy

♬ original sound – Good old british memes

“It has gone crazy on TikTok and there have been millions of videos featuring me which have been viewed.

“It just feels bizarre to me. I don’t understand it. I can’t believe it is still going after all this time and has been seen all around the world.“It is a continuing saga. It seems TikTok could be bigger than Youtube.

“There is now a new generation who seem to like the video and have done some creative things with it. It is amazing what they can do now.

“It only seems like five minutes ago we were using phone boxes!”

Catch the full Ronnie Pickering YouTube video below:

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