Doncaster’s David Firth Is Bringing Salad Fingers To Sheffield

Doncaster’s David Firth Is Bringing Salad Fingers To Sheffield
Salad Fingers is back!

The infamous internet sensation and creator of creepy character Salad Fingers, David Firth, is coming to The Leadmill for a special screening and live Q&A.

Credit: David Firth

Fans will get the chance to watch 11 classic episodes of Salad Fingers and then ask David all their burning questions about the viral hit after the viewing.

Starting in 2004, Salad Fingers was an innovation and cult sensation that continued growing for years to come. It grew so much so that the creepy and disturbing, yet hilarious animations caught the eye of San Francisco Chronicle across the pond and was named in the “Top 10” pop culture phenomena back in 2005.

Back in 2007, Sydney Underground Film Festival played 7 episodes back-to-back during their “Re-Animation” session. Firth has produced several pieces of work for the BBC Comedy Website such as the Jerry Jackson series, Musical Predictions 2009 and a series in 2010 called Drillbithead.

Credit: David Firth/Christian Webb

Additionally to his global success with Salad Fingers, Firth saw huge national success with his parody project MC Devvo in collaboration with friend Christian Webb. The web series followed character Darren Devonshire (Webb), a foul mouthed chav in Doncaster going about his day-to-day life as a ‘Donny Soldier’. The series was such a hit, the pair recorded a number of songs together which further catapulted the character into the viral hall of fame.

Find out more about the Salad Fingers screening and get your tickets here.

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