A Lone Seal Has Been Spotted Splashing About At Flamborough Head

Looks like the local sea life is getting more and more adventurous over the COVID-19 period. The East coast has been teeming with all kinds of beautiful creatures enjoying the empty beaches and sea, with 40 dolphins spotted off the coast of Bridlington beach just weeks ago.

Credit: Thomas Miller

And now, it seems that a friendly seal has come to say hello, with a local spotting the beautiful creature in Flamborough yesterday. Filmed by Thomas Miller and posted in the group Landscape of Yorkshire on Facebook, he captioned the video: “Tide was out near Flamborough Head, so we took a walk along the coast. Look who came out from her hidden cove to say hello.”

Credit: Thomas Miller

The video shows the adventurous little seal having a good ol’ swim in Yorkshire waters, before seemingly popping over to say hello to the people filming. The playful creatures, commonly known as the dogs of the sea, can more commonly be found in Donna Nook, Lincolnshire, as well as a number of Cornish beaches.

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