Brits In Hysterics After Australian Reveals Her UK Bucket List

Brits In Hysterics After Australian Reveals Her UK Bucket List

When it comes to Yorkshire, there is plenty of locations we’d recommend for anyone’s bucket list. Malham Cove for the beautiful views, the Yorkshire Coast for fish & chips, the Historic city of York for beautiful buildings and a trip back in time. Although we love Bradford, ‘a romantic meal’ is not something the city is renowned for. But, an Australian influencer has other ideas.

Credit: jessika_power

An Australian influencers bucket list for moving to the UK went viral after including some of the most incredible things to do on her list. Instead of your usual visit to London, go to Buckingham Palace and other such typical things Jessika Power from Australia’s version of  Married At First Sight shared the list of things people have been telling her to do.

Seemingly unaware that people were taking the mick out of her the 26-year-old created a belter of a list – if we must say ourselves. Maybe just playing along, she wrote on her Instagram: “Heyyy guys!! As you know I’ve moved to Manchester and as soon as I’m finished isolating I can’t wait to see anything and explored. Here’s my bucket list so far with everything you’ve been DMing me to do. Comment other recommendations of towns to visit, shops, bars, everything. Also what is a ‘chav’ people keep telling me about?”

The list included: Harry Potter world, Tea at Buckingham Palace, Coach trip to Birmingham Primark, Weather Spoons cocktails with the girls, Go Scotland and drink an Iron Bru, Go Ireland and drink a Lager, Go Wales and _____, Romantic weekend in Bradford, Make friends with ‘chavs’, G.A.Y and a hun brunch in London, Watch soccer in Manchester, Visit Greggs for lunch, Meet the Loose Women and Loraine, Learn the sexy ‘scouser’ accent, Have a beach day in Black Pool and Shopping spree in B&M Bargains.

One Twitter user was keen to offer up suggestions for a what actually seems like a great little romantic date. One of which we might do ourselves. He wrote, “If Jessika Power wants a romantic weekend in Bradford she can have it, day shopping in Kirkgate market, lunch at Salahs followed by a trip down sackville street and a night in the Village.”

Discussing the amazing list on Twitter, one person wrote: “‘Shopping spree’ in B&M maybe the most difficult thing on that list tbh. girls gonna walk out with a plastic cactus, a multipack of seabrook crisps and a chainsaw.” To which we say, there’s nothing wrong with good ol’ Seabrook!

Another person wrote: “Once you complete the list, ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ just appears on the wall above your DFS sofa while you’re watching Love Island!”

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Feature Image Credit: Bradford City Council

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