This Takeaway Serves Yorkshire’s Biggest Pizza & The Slices Are Bigger Than Your Head

This Takeaway Serves Yorkshire’s Biggest Pizza & The Slices Are Bigger Than Your Head

There aren’t many things that we could enjoy in unlimited quantities – but pizza is definitely the one thing that we could. And thanks to Halifax’s Pollini’s Pizza Slice, that dream has almost come true.

Now, we’ve heard of places stretching out their pizzas to a whopping 22″ before, but never have we heard of anyone brave enough to stretch them to 24″ – something that the Halifax takeaway has boldly achieved with “Yorkshire’s biggest pizza”. For context, your average pizza measures up to around 12″. – and this bad boy is four times as big, promises Pollini’s.

Credit: Pollini’s Pizza Slice

Topped with, pretty much, whatever floats your boat, the whopping huge pizzas are available to order every day of the week, with toppings such as ham and pineapple, BBQ chicken, salami, doner meat and so much more to pick from.

For those who can’t decide, there’s also a life-saving half and half option, too, meaning you don’t have to choose between your faves for your Friday night feast.

Credit: Pollini’s Pizza Slice

Costing just £22.99 per pizza, the takeaway comes in at serious value for money, with each slice of the ten sizing up as big as your head. Yep, you’ll probably want to share this one.

Yorkshire-based Youtuber BeardMeatsFood took on the challenge a couple of years ago, and himself dubbed the challenge of tackling it alone ‘rough’, despite how delicious he found the pizza.

Want to try it for yourself? Pollini’s Pizza Slice can be found at 17 Crossley St, Halifax HX1 1UG, and is also available on JustEat.

[Featured image: Pollini’s Pizza Slice]

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