This Pub In Leeds Has Been Renamed ‘The Bielsa’ After The Managers Exit

This Pub In Leeds Has Been Renamed ‘The Bielsa’ After The Managers Exit

After the devastating news that iconic Leeds Manager Bielsa was departing from the club on Sunday, a pub directly opposite the Leeds football ground, Elland Road has changed its name to ‘The Bielsa’ pub in Leeds.

After an extended run of poor results in the premier league Bielsa’s departure was confirmed much to the disappointment of the fans. Capturing the hearts of Leeds fans over the past 3-and-a-half years, Bielsa was celebrated by fans.

And, in a fitting tribute, The Old Peacock, came up with the ingenious way of celebrating the manager that took the team back into the Premier League by naming the pub after him.

Confirming the pub’s new name, a banner confirming the pub’s name change to ‘The Bielsa’ was lifted into place at 3pm on Wednesday.

The pub, owned by Ossett Brewery, will keep its new name until the end of the season when it will revert back to The Old Peacock.

Ossett Brewery co-owner, Jamie Lawson, said: “We were very sad to see Marcelo Bielsa exit the club last weekend and we felt it was right that we rename The Old Peacock for the rest of the season as a tribute to his great achievements in bringing the club back to life for all Leeds fans across the world.”

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Credit: The Old Peacock

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