Leeds Named In The Top 10 ‘Most Inspiring’ Cities In The UK

Leeds Named In The Top 10 ‘Most Inspiring’ Cities In The UK

Leeds his fast becoming a much-loved city in the north of England, with a bustling night life, plenty of museums and art galleries as well as a thriving music scene. So it’s no surprising that is has been named as one of the most inspiring cities in the UK, according to a study looking at a range of factors such as opportunities, venues and social media conversations.

The team at Aura Print, specialists in printing, found the topic intriguing and thus embarked on conducting research to curate a top 10 list. This investigation led them to identify Leeds as the 6th leading city due to various criteria, such as the concentration of creative jobs in the city, as well as the presences of art and design universities.

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The Instagram part of the study saw the company search hashtags for #citystreetart and #streetartcity. They also searched for how many video views each city had on popular social platform TikTok. It also scored well due to the abundance and concentration of art galleries, museums, theaters, comedy clubs.

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The Instagram portion of the study saw the company scour Instagram hashtags for , to come up with an estimate for the number of Instagram posts featuring street art from each city. Each city was also searched on TikTok to reveal its popularity on the platform.

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After analysing these aspects, an out of 10 was assigned to each city, contributing to the ultimate ranking. Leeds scored 6.55 out of a possible 10 for its ‘inspirational score’ beating the likes of Newcastle, Liverpool and Glasgow.

Check out the top 10 most inspiring cities in the UK below:

  1. Manchester – 8.33/10
  2. Brighton and Hove – 7.69/10
  3. Bristol – 7/10
  4. London – 6.94/10
  5. Edinburgh – 6.60/10
  6. Leeds – 6.55/10
  7. Liverpool – 6.45/10
  8. Glasgow – 5.71/10
  9. Newcastle – 5.57/10
  10. Belfast – 5.52/10

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Feature Image Credit: Pexels/ Unsplash