The Reasons Why You Should Never Warm Up Your Engine Before Driving In Winter

The Reasons Why You Should Never Warm Up Your Engine Before Driving In Winter

Winter is in full flow now. We’ve all woken up more than a handful of times only to realise the car has frozen over. On these cold winter mornings, it’s easy to decide to start your car before you set off to ‘help it warm up’, but, apparently, this is a common mistake most drivers do.

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According to Road & Track, most people believe that leaving their car running for 10, 20, maybe even 30 minutes, reduces the wear and tear by letting their cars warm up gently. This could damage your car says the motor vehicle website.

The idea comes from the days of carburettors, which was a device that mixed air and fuel, which most cars no longer have. Most cars these days are fuel injected, which means you can turn the engine on and go.

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If you choose to leave the engine idling for too long a range of issues can occur. A few things that may occur are oil dilution, leading to raw gasoline seeping into the oil, breaking down the oil’s lubrication properties and increasing the wear.

That’ll help with Monday morning, that’s for sure. So you can ease yourself into the week – here are some of Road & Track’s tips for winter mornings.

You’re better off starting the car up, making sure all the windows are clear of ice, snow and fog – and drive the car. This way the engine will warm up quicker and you’ll have heat coming out the vents sooner.

Check out this video on defrosting windows below:

And, now you know! Now you just need to remember to set your alarm for the morning.

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