A Yorkshire Pudding Festival Is Coming To Leeds This Weekend – Here’s What To Expect

A Yorkshire Pudding Festival Is Coming To Leeds This Weekend – Here’s What To Expect
Bring on the Puds!

Move over hipster food festivals, it’s all about the Yorkshire Pudding in 2020. 

Celebrating arguably the best part of any Sunday roast, event organisers The Ink Events Company have concocted the greatest way possible to honour our region’s proudest export – an entire festival dedicated to the delicious, savoury treat. 

Taking place on the Saturday 1st February 2020, the event will be held at Leeds Kirkgate Market and will play host to “a range of food vendors creating their take on the humble Yorkshire pudding, mixing, stuffing and smothering them with a delicious array of home cooked dishes from around the world”. 

On top of that, there’ll also be a range of Yorkshire products to purchase on the day, entertainment while you chow down on your puds, and a bar so you can grab yourself a tasty bev to wash down all the Yorkshire goodness. 

Here’s the list of vendors to expect on the day:

Ruddy Gud Puds – Puds, how you know ’em and love ’em.
Aunt Bessies – serving up some of their delish, British grub!
Northern Monk –
local beer from the North.
– Prosecco in a can!
Nan’s Van
– Serving a special Yorkshire pudding themed taste box menu.
Sugar Rush –
Desserts, but with Yorkshire puddings!
Kangs Punjabi Box
– Punjabi style food with Yorkshire puddings.
Masri – Egyptian street food with a Yorkshire pudding twist.

The festival will also have a ‘Lil Puds’ area with fun activities for your kids to take part in and local buskers providing entertainment! The bar will be stocked with Northern Monk beers and Cansecco to wash down your Yorkies with.

The Yorkshire-born creator of the festival, Ben Vollans, came up with the idea after realising there was a gap in the market for a Yorkshire Pudding festival in the UK, telling Lonely Planet:

“It’s definitely one of the many things that has put Yorkshire on the map,” 

“It’s a really diverse dish. As a kid, I grew up eating the leftover ones as pudding with fresh berries and ice cream for pudding.” What a lad, eh? 

The festival is free to attend, and will take place from 10am to 4pm – plenty of time to try as many puds as poss! 

Get your tickets here.

[Featured image: photoeverywhere – stock.adobe.com]

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