The UK’s Oldest Man Says The Secret To A Long Life Is A Chippy Tea Every Friday

The UK’s Oldest Man Says The Secret To A Long Life Is A Chippy Tea Every Friday

Eating fish & chips once a week is a key to a long life, which is some great news for chippy tea Fridays! If you don’t believe it, just ask 109-year-old John Tinniswood, who celebrated his birthday last month.

Credit: ITV

The UK’s oldest man puts it down to doing everything in moderation and a chippy tea every Friday – sounds good to us. Last month he received his ninth telegram from the Queen.

Speaking to ITV News back in August on his 109th birthday yesterday, August 26th, John said: “You should never exceed what you normally do, otherwise you’ll injure yourselves either bodily or mentally. So stay within the limits of what you can do!”

Although John did go on to say it would be ‘impudent for him to tell people how to live.

Credit: ITV

He told the Mirror: “Fish and chips has got to be my favourite dish, it’s always been such a treat, and I think looking forward to my next visit to the chippy has kept me young.

“I get to have my favourite once a week here so I always look forward to a Friday, and occasionally we get an extra special treat when we order it from The Swan – a Southport chippy which is famous all over the world for its fish and chips.

“I remember going to The Swan as a younger man on a cold winter’s night and the atmosphere was always heavy with the smell of fish… I never minded the smell, but I can’t stand mushy peas.”

Credit: Cave Street Fisheries

One of his carers told ITV: “He doesn’t want a fuss. In previous years he’s said being in his hundreds is no different to being in his 90s or his 80s.

“He’s got such a good wit about him, as well. He’s a pleasure.” Looks like it’s fish & chips with peas for tea… Thanks John.

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