‘Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing’ Gives Tourism Boom To Seaside Village Staithes

Oh, Staithes. The most wonderful, and severely underrated, fishing spot in Yorkshire. And with a number of fansastic coastal walks to get stuck into, there’s no wonder it’s a fave with those in the know. But now, the small village is enjoying a bit of a boost recently, thanks to Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse’s BBC show Bob & Paul Gone Fishing.

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The show follows the funny duo as they visit various beautiful fishing spots in the UK. They chat about life-affirming topics, as well as sharing their (usually comedic) outlooks on life while they try to land a catch. And on their trip for their recent Christmas special, they visit the Yorkshire coastline destination – which is also one of the largest fishing ports in the North East. You can enjoy discovering some amazing views, or take a walk through the village and take in the 18th-century cottages. The show showcases the Transporter Bridge and The Crathorne Arms, as well as the beautiful harbour of Staithes.

Credit: BBC

Sarah Jarvis of Independent Cottages has said that since the show, “The high level of interest is providing a much-needed boost to holiday cottage owners who’ve had a tough and uncertain year with regard to bookings and cancellations.”

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The Christmas Special of Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Christmas Fishing will feature on BBC Two this Wednesday 23rd December at 6:30 pm. Yorkshire-born Mortimer will also make a visit to his hometown of Middlesborough.

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