These Are The Cheapest Holiday Destinations To Visit From Leeds Bradford Airport

These Are The Cheapest Holiday Destinations To Visit From Leeds Bradford Airport
There's some great destinations on offer for every type of traveller.

Tis the season to book a cheeky flight and sod off anywhere that the sun shines – and we couldn’t be more desperate for a holiday now its January. There’s something about being skint, cold and miserable that triggers an alarm in your head that says “sun, sea and bevvys” that I just can’t resist.

To make the choice of destinations across the globe a little bit easier for you, we’ve pulled together the cheapest, best destinations available to fly to from Leeds Bradford Airport, just for you Yorkshiremen.


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Not your typical summer destination featuring a beach and all-inclusive cocktails, this one’s for the Yorkshire folk that love a city break. Situated on the border on Germany, Salzburg is unbelievably beautiful and one of the largest cities Austria has to offer.

Visitors can expect decadent 16th and 17th century buildings, views of the Eastern Alps, plenty of sights to see and great beer.

Flights start at approximately £203pp, return.


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A popular beach holiday choice, particularly for those with children, Paphos is set in Cyprus and arguably the most popular destination there. There’s plenty to do, including lounging around sunbathing, or exploring the culture the island has to offer if that’s more your gaff.

The city has several sites relating to Greek goddess Aphrodite, ancient ruins, tombs and fortresses, and beautiful glistening turquoise seas to swim in.

The island has plenty of hotel resorts to choose from too, so you won’t be stuck for choice when planning your stay.

Flights start from £166pp, return.


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An ever-popular city break destination, Prague has lots to offer adventures thanks to its beautiful Spires and colourful Czech buildings.

A great choice for sight-see-ers, the city is also really cheap to visit – so you don’t need to plan to spend more than you’re used to in the UK.

Flights start at £109pp, return.


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You may not have heard of Grenoble yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s one to overlook. Situated in the South East of France, the city is at the foot of the French Alps – so guests can expect stunning views during their stay.

The city is best known for winter sports, as well as having an array of museums to visit and of course, the Bastille – which attract 600,000 people each year.

Flights start from £62pp, return.


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The largest of the Greek islands, Rhodes is a great spot for a family holiday. With plenty of things to do on the island from visit its beautiful beaches, to see the ancient ruins that still reside there, Rhodes is the perfect destination for a bit of everything. Because of its popularity, there’s no roaming about needed to find a great drinking spot or a bite to eat – and if all you wanna do is lounge by the pool with a bev, there’s a ton of all-inclusive hotel resorts to choose from.

Flights start from £172pp, return.


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Oooh I love a piece of Pisa! A beautiful city in Italy’s Tuscany region, historic Pisa is best known for its iconic leaning tower.

The city offers lots of beauty to see and explore, as well as of course traditional Italian grub to taste. Italy has a fantastic train system too, so if you want to make the most of your stay, you can jump on the train to nearby cities such as Florence, Lucca or even a bit further afield for an overnight stay in Rome.

Flights start at £125pp, return.


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When you think of Portugal, most people think of the iconic Algarve with its beautiful beaches and caves – the island of Madeira is well worth a visit for those who love beautiful scenery and a subtropical climate. While the island isn’t part of Portugal’s mainland, it sits North-west off the coast of Africa – so you can enjoy a hotter climate for longer throughout the year.

The island is notable for its delicious wine, the culture and its gorgeous landscapes – and has some fantastic beaches to enjoy too. The island is also a great option for walkers and hikers, with mountains covered in greenery that include high peaks and spectacular ocean views. It is to be noted however that Madeira isn’t a destination for those looking for a beach holiday, and is one for the more adventurous explorer!

Flights start at £240pp, return.


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A historic place to visit, Malta is famous for its tranquility. From hidden coves to beautiful architecture, Malta is highly a highly underrated holiday destination.

The island has plenty to offer guests – with lots of prehistoric temples, fortresses and Roman ruins to explore. Additionally, there’s lots of activities such as sailing, diving, climbing and much, much more.

The island also offers up pretty beaches, perfect for sunbathers and surfers alike.

Flights start at £83pp, return.


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A recent contender for a great city break, Krakow in Poland is another underrated destination – despite being the second largest city in Poland.

The former royal capital offers up some beautiful sights to see, from medieval architecture and activities such as seeing the famous Auschwitz camp, to the popular Salt Mine tour.

Flights start from £108pp, return.


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The Algarve is a fantastic destination for all kinds of holiday-goers – with a number of places to stay to choose from, such as Albufeira, Vilamoura, Vale De Lobo, Lagos and Portimão.

It’s the perfect place to plan a beach holiday, with a ton to choose from during your stay. The Portuguese are some of the friendliest people in the world, and the Algarve is really built up for tourists now – so feeding the kids and sinking a pint isn’t a problem at all.

For those who don’t have children, the caves and water sports are great options – and there’s a great variety of hotels to choose from depending on your needs. Vilamoura is a beautiful spot with their famous Marina, with plenty of places to eat and drink and a number of charter boats available to hire if you fancy a trip out to sea. It’s just a short walk from the beautiful Quarteira, and a short drive away from Albufeira if you fancy ticking off a few locations while you’re there.

Flights start from £182pp, return.


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Another one for you city break lovers – Barcelona doubles up as a city break, with plenty of hotels with pools and nearby beaches to enjoy.

The city is well-known for its drinking and dining scene, and has some incredible architecture to admire. Barcelona offers up bought loads of culture and for art lovers, is home to the largest collection of Picasso works – which is well worth the visit.

Flights start at £91pp, return.


Credit: Visit Lake Geneva

At the foot of the Alps and boasting the beautiful Lake Geneva, this beautiful city has a number of great places to visit, from the pretty lake, to it’s historic old town, and even the UN Headquarters – Geneva is a great spot for a short break.

The city is cosmopolitan, and has plenty of places to enjoy for drinking and dining. The chocolate is of course a must-try, and it’s best to do your research before you go so you can discover some of the cities hidden gems – such as underground jazz bars, the flea markets and taste local cuisine at the frequent farmer’s markets.

Flights start from £130pp, return.


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Last but not least, Antalya is a true Turkish gem, known for its turquoise sea and unique coastal cliffs.

There’s lots of beaches to choose from, and it’s the perfect break for getting away and relaxing for a week. There’s some beautiful hotels on offer too, since it’s the second most visited place the country has to offer. There’s plenty of all-inclusive resorts for those with children who’ll likely be stuck round the pool for most of their trip – and some great spots to visit Roman remnants for those looking to explore.

Flights start from £116pp, return.

Flights based on dates in March-May and priced per person for a return flight 

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