This Magical Waterfall Hidden In A Woodland Gorge In The Peak District Only Appears After Rainfall

This Magical Waterfall Hidden In A Woodland Gorge In The Peak District Only Appears After Rainfall

The Peak District is a beautiful national park and on that, you could explore endlessly and still find special spots. One especially unique spot is hidden in a gorge waterfall Swallet near Hope.

The Peak District waterfall is a pretty waterfall located in a wooded gorge which is easy to get to as it takes less than ten minutes from the nearest parking area.

It can be still quite tricky to find the waterfall as it isn’t signposted and is very well hidden. Unlike many of the Peak District waterfalls that require you to trek to them, this is an easy find for those not wanting to hike through valleys.

Waterfall Swallet
Credit: Ryan Harris

What makes Waterfall Swallet unique is that it only appears after rain, like some fairy tale magic, you’ll have to time your trek to make sure you get a chance to see the elusive falls.

If you’d like to make a trek out of it, you can enjoy a 7.6km walk which is considered a moderately challenging route that will take you around 2hrs to complete.

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The circular Peak District walk takes you from Eyam to the Swallet Waterfalls and back round to Eyam once again. You can enjoy beautiful woodlands, farmland and a mix of paved and rougher paths along the way.

For a more detailed route visit the website here.

The hidden spot is a great family walk, as it is like stepping into a fairytale-esque environment and there is also a cavern to the left of the waterfall to explore.

Credit: Ryan Harris

Do keep in mind for this waterfall that a decent amount of rainfall needs to have taken place. So make sure you check the weather forecast before heading out to waterfall Swallet.

But, that is the magic of this Peak District waterfall. You can check out the waterfall in action in this TikTok video, which highlights how special it is.

Credit: the_yorkshireyogi

Posting to Instagram The Yorkshire Yogi wrote: “I found the hidden waterfall today…… what an absolute gem …..hiding away in the peaks between Eyam and Foolow.

“She is a beauty. I could have watched her all day, and I had her all to myself. Was a challenge getting down but it was worth it.”

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Feature Image Credit: Ryan Harris

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