This North Yorkshire Stay Is A Part Of The Worst Voted Hotel Chain In The UK

This North Yorkshire Stay Is A Part Of The Worst Voted Hotel Chain In The UK

We’ve all had a hotel experience we’d rather forget, from questionable stains on the bed, bathrooms that haven’t seen a cleaner in years and noisy neighbours that are making noises more akin to the zoo. Well, it seems that one of Yorkshire’s hotel isn’t as grand as it appears from the outside.

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The Grand Hotel in Scarborough is a part of what is being called the UK’s worst hotel chain in the UK. And, according to traveller reviews, it lives up to its name. There is a range of incidents that guests have been confronted with while staying at the hotel that would make any holiday turn into a holiday from hell. The beautifully stunning building looks like the most idyllic stay, but it seems it has been neglected over the years with spiders nests, bird poo, and damp being common sights in its rooms.

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Guests have commented on finding used razors under the bed, other people’s clothes and damage like wallpaper peeling off the walls. You only need to check out the TripAdvisor reviews to see that it is best avoided.

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One reviewer remarked: “We moved room three times. 1st room wasn’t clean, toilet and bath had been used. 2nd room underground,stank, shower broken, roof leaked. 3rd room had a spiders nest and used razor under bed, nasty smell.”

And another remarked: “Absolutely horrific, the room was filthy and the carpet was crawling the whole thing was a sea of living bugs. Hotel staff couldn’t care less, like it was a normal thing. Shoking customer service, still waiting for a refund.”

Yorkshire Live reported that Kadie, 30, from Huddersfield, said: “When I went, there was a bird’s nest coming out of the ceiling. Bird poo covering the windows. A draft so bad that doors were opening then slamming shut all night. Something all over the bedding. The food was substandard…”

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Britannia Hotels has been rated the worst hotel chain for the eighth year running by Which? They said that the chain was, “‘Dated’, ‘unloved’ and ‘past its prime’ were some of the nicer things you said about Britannia. Alongside these comments, we also heard about ‘filthy’ rooms of a ‘very poor standard’, and food that was ‘beyond awful'”

Britannia spoke about the ranking saying: “We are totally committed to providing a safe environment for visitors. We have so far spent around £2 million on Covid-19 precautions, but we accept there is more to do.”

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Designed by the Hull architect, Cuthbert Brodrick, The Grand Hotel is a Grade II listed building that overlooks the beautiful overlooking South Bay. It was the largest hotel and the largest brick structure in Europe when it was built in 1867. Unlike its grand beginnings, the hotel is now seen as a budget hotel owned by Britannia Hotels.

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