This Yorkshire City Has Been Named The Best City For Bottomless Brunch In The UK

This Yorkshire City Has Been Named The Best City For Bottomless Brunch In The UK

Yorkshire cities have beaten out the likes of London and Newcastle to be named the best bottomless brunch cities in the UK. Everyone loves a bottomless brunch, free-flowing booze with a classic breakfast menu is always going to be a winner.

Brunching has become more and more popular over the last few years, and one thing we know is Yorkshire’s cities do it well. Company Bottomless Brunch conducted a survey and found Sheffield’s bottomless brunches to be the number one city in the UK, which is fantastic news.

Credit: Barrowboys

Sheffield gained the top spot due to the variety of brunch venues that cater to all, including many vegan and vegetarian options. Also having the options for a list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages all for a great price.

The cosmopolitan Yorkshire city Leeds came in fifth place behind Manchester, Liverpool and Exeter. It’s great to see Yorkshire names in these lists beating out the competition and getting the recognition they deserve.

Credit: Tavassoli’s

Our favourite Leeds bottomless brunch is Tavassoli’s, which offers unlimited gyros and booze, which is a win-win for us fown at The Yorkshireman.

The research looked at a range of factors in each city such as the number of restaurants offering brunch, menus with vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free options and proximity to university campuses – although we must say it ain’t just students who love a brunch.

Check out the full list of 15 of the best bottomless brunch cities in the UK below:

  1. Sheffield – score: 76.43/110
  2. Manchester – score: 62.02/110
  3. Liverpool – score: 59.50/110
  4. Exeter – score: 58.53/110
  5. Leeds – score: 58.12/110
  6. Reading – score: 57.80/110
  7. Portsmouth – score: 55.84/110
  8. Cardiff – score: 55.59/110
  9. Brighton – score: 52.55/110
  10. Birmingham – score: 51.89/110
  11. Chester – score: 51.82/110
  12. London – score: 49.91/110
  13. Newcastle – score: 48.97/110
  14. Nottingham – score: 46.10/110
  15. Bristol – score: 44.29/110

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