This Yorkshire Farm Is Offering A Cosy Cow Cuddling Experience

This Yorkshire Farm Is Offering A Cosy Cow Cuddling Experience

Ever walked past a field of cows and thought “I’d love to cuddle ’em”? Well, now you can! This farm in Yorkshire is offering a cow cuddling experience where you can get up close and cosy with local cows. But, this doesn’t mean you can go around hugging any old cow, we please ask you not to try that out.

These cows located at Dumble Farm in East Yorkshire are retired dairy cows and are selected due to their docile nature. Speaking to BBC Humberside owner James McCune who runs the farm with sister Fiona Wilson and her husband Will said that these cows are given a good feed and then brought in for visitors to brush and have a cuddle with.

Cow cuddling is a new wellness trend that is steadily becoming more popular across farms in the UK as they look at ways to diversify. It allows visitors a chance to get up close and personal with cows like never before. You’ll be able to give the cows a brush, stroke or just lay with them.

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James said: “These are our former dairy cows who are now retired. They come in a few times a week, we bring our guests in and they cuddle ’em. When we look at ways to diversify bring the cuddle cows in first then go to meet the highland cows.”

The Highland cows are a bit fiesty, according to James, so aren’t there to be hugged but you’ll be able to learn all about them whilst giving them a pet and a stroke.

Check out the cow cuddling experience at Dumble Farm below:

I don’t know about you, but this is right up our street. If you’d like to give it a try then head over to the website here and find out more. Arram, Beverley HU17 7NR

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Feature Image Credit: Dumble Farm