This Magical Harry Potter-Themed Crazy Golf Course In York Is A Mystical Adventure

This Magical Harry Potter-Themed Crazy Golf Course In York Is A Mystical Adventure

Just when you thought people could get enough of Harry Potter… It turns out they really couldn’t. Appropriately opening in York, the city which inspired aspects of JK Rowling’s novel, a new magical crazy golf course has been designed themed around the massive Harry Potter franchise – and it looks amazing.

Credit: Hole in Wand

Taking over the Patisserie Valerie in the city centre, the lads behind The Potions Cauldron – Phil Pinder and Ben Fry – have dreamed up the concept, launching a crowdfunding campaign back in 2020 to help summon the idea to life.

Credit: The Hole In Wand

The new York golf course, which they’ve creatively named The Hole In Wand, features wizard-themed holes throughout the course, with sets taking inspiration from the movies and including a few easter eggs along the way.

Credit: Hole In Wand

Finally opening in spring 2021, The Hole In Wand boasts nine wand-erful holes, with magical refreshments on offer including the Wand Dog, Uni-Pop Corn, Grobble-Nachos, alcoholic potions and Butterbeer.

Players are invited to discover all nine curious holes, with magical portals, bubbling cauldrons and plenty of photo opps along the way – all before finding out if you have the magical powers of a Serpent, Basilisk, Unicorn or Wizard.

Credit: The Hole In Wand

If that wasn’t all, there’s some seriously sweet Cauldron Cakes to enjoy when all the fun is over. Let’s just hope none of them turn into frogs…

The Hole In Wand provides family fun on a reasonable budget, with tickets available now for just £6.99 per person – with each ticket including a potion drink to enjoy.

Credit: The Hole In Wand

The Hole In Wand can be found at 13-16 Coppergate, York, and tickets are on sale online now.

Elsewhere in York, Harry Potter fans can discover The Potions Cauldron – operated by the same Harry Potter-loving duo, where you can try magical drinks, glittering potions and even the famous Butterbeer.

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