This Yorkshire Pudding Factory Makes An Incredible 900 Million Yorkshire Puddings A Year

This Yorkshire Pudding Factory Makes An Incredible 900 Million Yorkshire Puddings A Year

Based in Hull, Aunt Bessie’s are known throughout the country. The food giant that is famous for its Yorkshire puds has said that the demand for the puds in the run-up to Christmas has gone through the roof. A roast dinner wouldn’t be the same without Yorkshire puds, and these are great for when you’ve not had time to make your own.

The business produces over 900 million puddings at its factory every year at a factory on Freightliner Road in Hull, East Yorkshire. The run-up to Christmas sees a massive 110 million Yorkshire puddings produced and, on a normal day half a million eggs, 110 tonnes of batter, and 40 tonnes of flour are used. It takes just 1.2 seconds for a bag of Yorkshire puddings to be made in the factory.

Credit: Aunt Bessie’s

It’s one of Yorkshire best-known food businesses and increases its staff load from October to keep up with demands over the Christmas period. The company was bought last year by Birdseye owner Nomad Foods in a deal worth 200m.

David Barr, chief Yorkshire pudding guru at Aunt Bessie’s, said: “I’ve worked at the factory for over three decades and each year, demand for our Yorkshire puds goes through the roof during the festive season.

Credit: Aunt Bessie’s

“From October onwards, Aunt Bessie’s use 25,000 litres of liquid egg a day and around 45 tonnes of flour, and employ 30 per cent more factory staff in the run up to the festivities to cope with the heightened demand.

“My rule of thumb is that if there is gravy on your plate then a Yorkshire pudding belongs to be there.”

He explained: “We have four pudding lines in the factory. During the summer we only run two, but from August we increase that to three. The last one fires up nearer winter.

“Around 250 people normally work at the company, but we do get some agency workers in to handle the busy period up to Christmas.”

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