Aldi Is Now Selling Yorkshire Pudding Beer – And It’s Absolutely Delicious

Aldi Is Now Selling Yorkshire Pudding Beer – And It’s Absolutely Delicious

An excellent combination of two of life’s greatest creations has been made. Yes, in a single lovely bottle of ale, you get both beer and Yorkshire pudding. There is such a thing as Yorkshire pudding beer, and it tastes fantastic! The traditional Sunday Roast can be enjoyed as beer, and it’s the most Yorkshire-looking thing we’ve ever seen.

Aldis is now selling the perfect drink for any Yorkshire folk with a taste for the finer things. The amber bevvie is available in stores across the country for just £1.49.

Aldi Yorkshire Pudding Beer

The Yorkshire Pudding Beer Brewery secured its spot on the shelves after winning a competition. The beer was brewed by Howard Kinder back in 2019 and the limited addition to the range is sure to go down a treat.

The Malton-based brewery beverage is thought to be based on Hannah Glass’ first-ever Yorkshire pudding recipe dating back to 1747.

Since its creation, it’s proved to be very popular. Each bottle contains a quarter of a Yorkshire pud, which by our Maths means you’ll need at least four bottles of the original and first Yorkshire pud beer to enjoy an entire Yorkshire pud.

The beer is a 3.6% abv and can be purchased in either can or bottle form in 330ml bottles.

Aldi Yorkshire Pudding Beer

Along with Yorkshire Pudding Beer, Harry Specters Chocolate Brs also won with judges impressed with the company’s workforce of autistic people. Discussion of the new beer Howard Kinder, of Malton Brewery, said: “We were absolutely elated – and really happy that we got to share the victory with Harry Specters.

“For me, I’m not just happy that we’ve won, but that I get to continue working with my son.” Harry Specters Chocolate Bars also impressed judges due to the company’s workforce of autistic people.

Mona Shah, of Harry Specters, says: “We looked up some statistics and found 85% of autistic people are unemployed and 61% of them are desperate to work.”

“Social impact-wise, it’s going to be massive. When we told our team of autistic workers that we were going to be supplying Aldi it just filled them with confidence. It was truly amazing.”

You can now find both products available in Aldi stores. Find your nearest store here.

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