Yorkshire Authorities Forced To Drain Threshfield Quarry To Stop Outdoor Partygoers

Yorkshire Authorities Forced To Drain Threshfield Quarry To Stop Outdoor Partygoers

First, Buxton’s idyllic Blue Lagoon, now Threshfield Quarry. After months of disruptions from lockdown flouters who have been attracted to Yorkshire like moths to a flame, authorities have been forced to step in – taking drastic measures in a bid to prevent visitors from taking advantage of Yorkshire’s beauty spots.

Now, Threshfield Quarry owners, Tarmac, have been forced to drain the popular tourist attraction, which usually boasts bright aqua blue water that brings in thousands of visitors every single year. The quarry’s water gets its beautiful tropical shade thanks to the limestone which remains at the site, and is undeniably the perfect photo opportunity for anyone stopping by.

Originally confirming the disused quarry’s closure back on May 27, the uber-pretty water spot, which can be found near Grassington, has attracted a number of youths who’ve been reported as travelling from as far as Leeds and Blackpool to participate in ‘Ibiza-style’ parties, with one Twitter user comparing the sights to something you’d find at Ocean Beach.

The large crowds are said to have been displaying anti-social behaviour over the bank holiday weekends – drinking at the site, using drugs and fighting with each other during their visits.

Speaking of the closure, Sergeant Paul Evans from the North Yorkshire Police force said: “The quarry is private property and a decision has been made to restrict access due to safety fears. Young people have been jumping into deep water at the location and there were concerns that with drinking and possible drug use someone may come to some harm.

“We had been monitoring the site due to coronavirus concerns initially, as large groups of youths had been gathering possibly in contravention of the lockdown.”

Extra security staff have been recruited to patrol the site, however, the Yorkshire Dales and the Peak District in general continue to face huge visitor numbers as the UK remains in lockdown.

The news of Threshfield Quarry’s draining comes as one youth jumped into Buxton’s Blue Lagoon, despite recently being filled with a black fluid which is toxic to humans.

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