8 Of The Most Wonderful Winter Walks To Try In East Yorkshire

8 Of The Most Wonderful Winter Walks To Try In East Yorkshire

If you fancy stretching your legs a little this winter, East Yorkshire is the place. Packed full of farmland and beautiful (if not underrated) hidden gems, the coastal corner of Yorkshire has a lot to offer budding ramblers, with tons of varied scenery to take advantage of. From white chalk clifftops to mystical woodland, here’s our guide to the best winter walks to try in East Yorkshire.

1. Beverley Westwood

Credit: Photo © Steve Buttle (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Boasting lovely parkland for a couple of miles square, Beverley Westwood offers a walk that’s suitable for all year round – and it’s particularly beautiful in the snow.

Wander at your own pace with no steep hills or inclines to worry about and take in the breathtaking countryside, before strolling over to the historic Nellie’s pub for a pint.

Cows roam freely between the months of April and November, too, making the walk extra special for nature lovers.

Where is it?

Beverley Westwood can be found just on the outskirts of the town at 67 Walkington Rd, Beverley.

2. Millington Wood

Credit: Millington Wood/Wikimedia Commons/Paul Lakin/CC BY 3.0

A walk that all levels of rambler can enjoy, Millington Wood offers evergreen beauty, with tons of woodland and pastures to uncover.

Stick to low ground and got lost in the abyss of stunning woodland, or challenge yourself to explore further up the many winding staircases and pathways that take visitors higher up into the trees.

It’s the perfect destination for dog walks, and is often fairly quiet with no other humans around.

Where is it?

Millington Wood can be found as part of the Yorkshire Wolds, between Huggate and Pocklington.

3. Danes Dyke

Credit: Photo © Scott Robinson (cc-by-sa/2.0)

An underrated gem found on the East Yorkshire coast, Danes Dyke allows adventurers to wander on through a stunning woodland, before stumbling upon a quiet, stoney beach.

Popular with dog walkers in the local area, the ancient woodland makes for the perfect place to potter, with the reward of peaceful sea views and splashing waves at the very end.

Where is it?

On the Yorkshire coast just a short drive from Flamborough.

4. Flamborough Head

Credit: The Yorkshireman

Flamborough Head is one of the most picturesque places in Yorkshire – and luckily for us, its beauty remains the same whatever the season.

Walk along the clifftops from the stunning Thornwick Bay (where kids can explore the little cave) to the beautiful lighthouse, where you’ll stumble upon the famous Drinking Dinosaur, a quaint little bay where seals are known to retreat to, and spectacular views out to sea.

Where is it?

On the stunning Yorkshire coast, North of Bridlington.

5. Sledmere Park

Credit: Sledmere House

One of our favourite places to see deers this time of year, the Sledmere circular is a lovely family walk, with plenty of woodland and wildlife to encounter.

The walk begins just off the main road of Sledmere, meandering around the House’s grounds (where the many, many deer reside) before coming back full circle to Sledmere House – where visitors can discover a number of farm animals, the lovely farm shop and the House’s gardens.

Where is it?

Right next to the lovely Sledmere House.

6. Driffield Navigation

Credit: Photo © Paul Harrop (cc-by-sa/2.0)

A quiet, idyllic walk in the small town of Driffield, Driffield’s Navigation Canal meanders out of the town, meeting the surrounding countryside for a peaceful stroll.

Perfect for dog walkers, the walk is best done backwards – starting by Wansford Trout Farm and making the route back towards town for a pint at one of the town’s many pubs.

Where is it?

Just outside of Driffield town centre, from River Head.

7. Kings Mill

Found just on the edge of Driffield, Kings Mill makes for a lovely family walk, with plenty of water for the dogs to paddle in, unspoiled views of countryside, and occasionally, the odd sight of majestic highland cows.

The walk boasts varying landscapes, including woodland and grassland with small ponds pocketed around, making for a stunning adventure whatever the season.

Where is it?

On the edge of the town of Driffield.

8. Humber Bridge Country Park

Credit: Humber Bridge Country Park/Flickr/Adam Wyles/CC BY-ND 2.0

Consisting of 21 hectares of beautiful woodland, the Country Park is popular with dog walkers – thanks to its winding paths, lovely chalk walk, and fantastic views of the Humber Bridge.

There’s tons to discover throughout the country park, including scenic ponds, wildlife, sculptured seats and secret picnic areas, alongside a park for the children to enjoy and varying trails along the cliffs, ponds and meadows to choose from.

Where is it?

Just off Hessle Foreshore by the Humber Bridge.

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