7 Magical Deer Walks In Yorkshire To Try This Winter

7 Magical Deer Walks In Yorkshire To Try This Winter

Deer are one of the most graceful creatures on God’s earth. The way they bound across fields like an orchestrated ballet performance is mesmerising. Their timid and wary nature means they are quite difficult to spot when out and about in nature, and most of us will have only seen them when they suddenly jump out across a road whilst we’re driving.

I know I had a near-death experience when one decided to jump out in front of my car in the pitch dark. Luckily there were no casualties except maybe me brew that splashed everywhere. We’ve been looking at the where to see deer in Yorkshire, so you guys have a better chance at catching a glimpse at the spectacular creatures.

Credit: Pexels

The British Dear Society has some suggestions that might help with spotting the beautiful animals in the wild. They suggest that the best time of day to spot deer is either early morning or late in the evening when they are out searching for food and grazing.

As they are wary by nature be sure to move slowly and quietly, and hide in the undergrowth as you approach. If you want to get full on secret agent style, you can get upwind to prevent your scent being noticed, and look out for hoof prints and droppings. These are just some things that can help you find wild deer.

1. North York Moors, Ashberry Nature Reserve

You can spot three types of deer in this area. If you manage tog et down early morning you will be rewarded with a view of red, fallow and roe all grazing in the grassland along the wooded valley sides.

2. Harewood House, West Yorkshire

Credit: Harewood House

Harewood House, as well as being a great place for events, has been home to deer since the medieval era. They have a huge 4,000 acres of land, and there is great chance of spotting deer with approximately 155 Red, 45 Fallow and 45 Roe romaning the land.

3. Studley Royal and Fountains Abbey

Near Ripon, these sites are home to three types of deer. There’s is the red deer, which are the largest in Studley Royal park, fallow deer which originated from France and were brought over in the 1600s, and the manchurian sika which is the smallest and most timid deer.

Credit: Pexels

4. Strid Wood, Bolton Abbey

At Bolton Abbey’s Stride Wood, there is a chance you may get to see some roe deer if you’re very lucky! Strid Wood, is a great place to take kids where you can see deer in Yorkshire.

Credit: Pixabay

5. Castle Howard, North Yorkshire

Explore Castle Howards grounds and you make get a chance to catcha glimpse of deer that roam around. Make sure you keep an eye out as they like to keep hidden.

6. Spurn Point, East Yorkshire

Spurn Point is Yorkshire’s very own Lands End – and is a place where you can get to spot deer, if you are lucky.

7. Eastern Moors, Peak District

You can enjoy a lovely walk in the peaks while looking out for some red deer on the Eastern Moors. Boasting breathtaking scenery like Stanage Edge, there is an abundance of wildlife, for everyone to enjoy! The thriving landscape is home to resident tenant farmers’ livestock breeds and resident red deer herd.

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